Untitled Room Game: TBA I am currently working on a larger scale project in Godot right now. It has been a fantastic learning experience and I hope I can release a demo at some point to show all of you.

You play as a freelance writer, living in your small apartment exploring the web looking for stories to write about. There are mysteries to uncover, friends to meet, and mistakes to make. I hope you look forward to it.

MAIL GUNNER 6000: August 15, 2023 A little game I made as a part of The End of Summer Jam

You are a mailman in the city.
Your apartment complex has 200,000 inhabitants.
It's the end of summer and your employment.
You need to fucking move!

Play it here!

2D JUMP GUY: January 19, 2023 The first video game I ever created. I made it in a very short amount of time as I was getting used to using the Godot Game engine and wanted to see if I could make a very simple game or not.

2D JUMP GUY is the result. You can clear it in about 5 minutes and the music is funny

Play it here

Tools used
Godot - Game Engine
GIMP - Image Editor
REAPER - Digital Audio Workstation
Aseprite - Pixel Art
Kdenlive - Video Editor
Blender - Modelling
Obsidian - Storyboarding
OBS - Video Capture
LibreOffice - Word Processing
HandBrake - Video Compression
FFmpeg - Quick Video Editing